DIV_SRC demo

This document references other HTML files using <div src="URL"> and <td src="URL"> sections. It invokes the DIV_SRC JavaScript tool to find all such references and to resolve them. DIV_SRC uses AJAX to fetch the referenced content asynchronously. One page can contain many such references, and the content that is fetched by DIV_SRC can also contain references to other content, which is fetched in the same way.

Choose debug and depth option and click Load. You can do this repeatedly. Click Reset to get a freash copy of the page.

As supplied, the page has certain errors:

Load-time errors result in blinking embedded error messages. It isn't pretty, but it should help the page composer to find and fix problems.

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The parameters passed to DIV_SRC.resolve
DIV_SRCa.html should replace this
DIV_SRCb.html should replace this
This sentence contains a <span> with this default text inside it.
Return code from DIV_SRC.resolve():